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Quality policy
With zero defects as the goal, customer satisfaction as the orientation, continuous improvement, and the pursuit of excellence.
Intellectual Property Protection Policy
Abide by intellectual property laws and regulations; Respect the intellectual property rights of third parties; Stimulate creativity; Effective use.
Environmental, occupational health and safety, and hazardous substance reduction and exemption policies
Compliance with laws and regulations, people-oriented, energy saving and consumption reduction, pollution prevention, sustainable development of green production, and full participation in health and safety.
Fair Trading Policy
The dealings with customers are based on the principle of fair trade, and no abnormal measures such as deception and coercion are taken.
Information disclosure policy
Disclose information truthfully, accurately, completely and in a timely manner, without false records, misleading statements or major omissions.
Integrity management policy
Observe discipline and law, abide by integrity, eliminate corruption, and all employees are self-disciplined.
Business Secret Policy
Abide by the law and the company's confidentiality system; Protect all business secrets of the company and customers; Strengthen the confidentiality education, improve the confidentiality awareness of all staff; Improve security measures to prevent information security accidents.
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